TANGLERS take Western USA


They have the looks, they have the vibes; it’s no wonder this Vancouver-based group of friends are killing it in the music scene.

Established back in 2016, TANGLERS consists of 6 lifelong pals; which shows in the chemistry they have on any stage they grace. It’s tough to pin them down to one genre, but if forced to laymanize it, perhaps they’re like an “indie/surf rock/psych/grooves to make you move” kinda band.


Currently touring Western USA in support of their newest album, “Tangled In Time,” this six piece ensemble are cruising down to Cali and back, taking over each major city in their way.


987 was fortunate enough to catch TANGLERS‘ tour kickoff show at The Biltmore on the 12th of July. This was the second time we’ve seen them live. We liked the first, but LOVED the second. TANGLERS have proven that hard work really does pay off. Each member added a crisp element to the sounds we experienced in the sweaty basement club that night. They got the crowd moving; including myself, who usually stands at the back with a Bud Light Lime (or equivalent) sporting major RBF. The best part (or one of): the guys on stage looked like they were having as much fun as we were. It’s such a treat to see artists who truly love what they do.


They recently released a music video for their extremely addictive hit single “Tallboy” – which perfectly captures the sounds, style, atmosphere, and vibes that is TANGLERS, check it out:

If you’re ready to get into some serious summer moods, have a listen to TANGLERS (here)



Review: Mikhail Din

Photos: Yasmin Hannah


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