VHS Collection // Fox Cabaret


With a wide and brimming instrumental to simmer against a typically cold Vancouver night, VHS Collection took to the stage at the East Side venue of Fox Cabaret. There was little aplomb as they dove into their first song “One”, throwing out a quick “What’s up Vancouver?” before flinging themselves wholeheartedly into the set.

Frontman James Bohannon delivered an earnest performance around the stage, with a vibrancy that was matched only by his equally enthusiastic vocals and lively melodies. With each song, lighting was timed to match the rhythm, making for a cohesive and moody show.


Hailing from New York, VHS Collection felt like a culmination of a chilled rock band, oozing with cool millennial indifference, only to be surpassed by the energy and movement from the lead singer. The crowd lapped up every moment, the front row bleary eyed with happiness as they sung along to each song and held their hands out to grasp the moment out of the air.

James managed to overlook the phones and hands waved wildly in his face, and used the stage as his own private dance floor, while fans moved along with the building beats and melodies.


With cool vibes and a great stage presence from the entire band, the music felt like the perfect soundtrack to be enjoyed with friends at a lake getaway.

The opening act – Whelming, provided a modern take on what singer/guitarist Erik Severinson describes as “Bohemian Rock”. There was a positivity and a freshness in the performance, making Whelming a great opener for VHS Collection.

The reverb on the vocals and careful licks of the guitar made for a well oiled performance from the Vancouver natives.


Ending on crowd favourites, VHS Collection wrapped up a successful show with their popular songs “Waiting on the Summer” & “Ghost” from their 2016 album Stereo Hype.

A great night, filled with energy and creative music, both VHS Collection and Whelming delivered a sweet set that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Photos: Louis Lay

Review: Melissa Riemer

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