Breathe Underwater with Isla Noir


There’s a lot of uncertainty around the world right now, but one thing’s for sure: artists from all corners of the earth are making sure their craft still thrives during these crazy times. Isla Noir is no exception.

Back on the scene for the first time since her debut EP (2012), “Hawkmen”, Isla Noir has just released her newest single, “Breathe Underwater”.


To Isla, the ocean is like a second home. Growing up in Australia meant every summer and many seasons in between were spent by the sea. Now based in Vancouver, the artist has lived in many places around the world over the years, and brings all her memories back to life through her music.

Breathe Underwater encapsulates twelve years of ocean-exploration, a journey that began with Isla’s first dive in Koh Phi Phi back in 2008. Through this song, she transports you to a world beneath the waves, and squeezes more than a decade of subaqueous memories into four and half minutes. The pulsating bass paired with crystal clear vocals makes you feel like you’re actually forty metres below the surface.


Isla’s style could be described as “dark pop” – although it seems almost unfair to narrow her music down to one genre. Isla Noir writes and produces her own songs which are drawn from her life experiences, and beautifully balance true stories and escapism.

Have a listen for yourself:


Review: Mikhail Din

Photos: Provided by Isla Noir

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